Account Managers and Customer Service to get you started

Our Account Managers have the knowledge, experience and training to help you get the best for your project.

Whether it's getting a quote, start up meetings, project management or innovative solutions, your Account Manager can help you. We also have dedicated Customer Service Officers ready to help you whether you're an account customer or just need to pop in and pick up some reo from your local ARC branch.

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Estimating & scheduling your project

Our specialist estimators complete a detailed take-off of all reinforcement products from the drawings and information supplied by you. Next the scheduler extracts all the necessary information about the reinforcement from the structural drawings and translates this into bar bending schedules.

Our investment in the latest scheduling technology makes this process quicker and easier than anywhere else currently in the Australian market. Marking Plans are provided to you, which show where all the reinforcement detailed in the schedule is to be placed in the finished building or structure.

Our scheduling services meet engineering standards and requirements, and can help reduce costs and save time for your project.

Cutting & bending your bar

Since the demands of each concreting job are different, many of our products are custom-made to be the right length and shape for your project.

Reinforcing bar can be bent to shape and cut to length to suit the configuration of the element being constructed. We always bend bars to shapes which are compliant with Australian Standards.

Prefabrication for your project

We're capable of producing prefabricated reo cages quickly, efficiently and with a high degree of precision and quality. Our specialised machines are able to manufacture a vast array of products with varying diameters, shapes and sizes.

There are many benefits of prefabrication, including:

  • Reduced bar congestion
  • Improved safety on site
  • Increased speed
  • Simplified logistics on site
  • Improved product consistency and quality
  • Reduced scrap
  • Reduction in on-site trades
  • Reduced impact of bad weather

Delivery to your site

Your steel is ready; scheduled, cut, bent, prefabricated to your exact needs for the project.

Now ARC can take care of getting it safely to your site on time with our range of rigid trucks and semi-trailers, complete with HIAB cranes and safety bins.

If you'd rather pick it up or it's a small load we'll help you to load it safely and quickly get you on your way.

Follow up with you

As we come full circle, our Account Managers and Customer Service Officers are here for you to follow up and make sure your delivery is correct and there are no issues left to iron out.

When we see a happy customer, our whole team is proud. We put a lot of effort into making sure problems are resolved quickly and effectively for you and ensuring that they don't get repeated in the future.