We develop innovative solutions for the emerging needs of the mining industry. We do this through collaborative partnerships by maintaining an open mindset across the value chain and understanding our partners needs.

ARC invests heavily into research and development of all its products.

This focus starts from the raw material inputs of steel, with constant development throughout the methods to produce the billet, rod, wire and Minemesh. This investment in innovation and options for Minemesh cannot be surpassed by any other market participants.


ARC has developed a new generation of Minemesh® for the metalliferous market ‘Sentinel® Minemesh®’ which revolutionises and replaces the existing 5.6mm Minemesh® for underground metalliferous mines.

The patented product offers equivalent performance and improved tensile strength to standard Minemesh® with significantly reduced product mass.


ARC has developed a sacrificial mesh intended to enchance worker safety whilst working at the face. Face Mesh is typically produced out of a 4.24mm black wire to improve cost effectiveness over galvanised alternatives, however, it can be supplied in a range of sizes to suit the mines specific requirements.


A range of testing has been conducted by ARC in conjunction with Melbourne Testing Services (MTS). Findings of the MTS analysis were distributed to Mining Plus for further technical assessment by their geotechnical engineers.

The report deemed Sentinel suitable as a replacement option for underground metalliferous ground support. The report recommended moving to underground trials in an active metalliferous mine for operational assessment.


For more information contact: sentinel@arcreo.com.au