Whether you have twenty years of concreting experience under your belt or you're planning your first DIY concreting job, ARC branches have got what you need to get the job done.

We offer a wide range of mesh and bar in store ready to go, as well as all your concreting tools, accessories and safety gear. Our friendly, experienced staff will help you place your order and be off safely and quickly with our drive-through pickup or delivery to your site. 

Our reinforcing can be used for a range of concreting jobs like house slabs, suspended slabs, driveways, pathways, patio concrete and more.

Take a look at our handy ARC Reinforcing Handbook to learn more about the technical aspects of concrete reinforcement, engineering details and the Australian standards.


Use the store locator in the top menu to find your local store and ask about our special package pricing: all the steel and accessories you need for a slab in one package at a set price per square metre!