Major/Civil Projects

We offer the full capability and service you expect from a major-league reo supplier: innovation, scheduling, project management, safety and sustainability.

Our experience on some of Australia’s most demanding and high profile projects mean that our specialist teams can assist in overcoming the safety, logistical or technical issues that often arise.

For our biggest customers we offer a true partnering relationship. Our collaborative style and values, along with our Australian-made steel are often what sets ARC apart. We have even gone as far as embedding our own staff within our customer’s teams when the situation demands it.  

In particular, our expertise in prefabrication is second to none and can save time and energy, whilst improving safety on your site. Our footprint around Australia and manufacturing capability in each state means that no matter how big your project is; we can supply it.  

Our experienced staff have the expertise needed to tailor solutions to your particular project, as well as offer innovative new methods to improve the quality and the efficiency of the project.


Partner with ARC for quality, Australian-made steel reinforcement for projects like roads, bridges, flyovers, dams, tunnels and much more.