Starter Bars

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These processed bars are normally used to tie reinforced masonry or concrete walls to slabs or footings, as designed by the engineer. We cut and bend it to shape from standard deformed reinforcing bar, grade D500N.


Common shapes are listed but others can be made to order for you. Our starter bars meet the requirements of AS/NZS 4671.

Product Photos


Code Sizemm Dimensions Shape
SB1012H R10 1100 x 150 x 120 Safety hook
SB1012 R10 1000 x 200 L
SB1014 R10 1400 x 200 L
SB120820 N12 800 x 200 L
SB121020 N12 1000 x 200 L
SB121030 N12 1000 x 300 L
SB121215 N12 1200 x 150 L
SB121220 N12 1200 x 200 L
SB1212 N12 1200 x 250 L
SB1214 N12 1400 x 200 L
SB1210 N12 1000 x 150 x 100 Safety hook
SB121000 N12 1000 Straight
SB121200 N12 1200 Straight
SB121500 N12 1500 Straight
SB122000 N12 2000 Straight
SB123000 N12 3000 Straight
SB161030 N16 1000 x 300 L
SB1614 N16 1400 x 300 L

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