Cherry Growing Facility, Jericho


CustomerReid Fruits

Reid Fruits required purpose-built prefabricated reinforcing for a state-of-the-art cherry growing facility in Tasmania. The huge facility was held in place by 235 reinforced concrete piers, which needed to be strong enough to support 10 acres of polycarbonate roofing, steel struts and wire cabling. Given the location / isolation of the site and the seasonal weather experienced in Tasmania, time frames for the project were essential.


Our specialised prefab bay at ARC Launceston was ideally suited to manufacture these pier cages to the highest standard. Something that the client and concrete placer both made particular mention of. Our strict compliance with Australian standards and quality was imperative, as over 1.3 tones of concrete was poured directly from the trucks shute and onto each cage.


We also supplied a heavy duty 75mm Fastwheel spacer ensuring the cages were held in exactly the right position to ensure no movement during the pour.


This facility is a first for Tasmania and one of only three of its type in Australia. The roof and sides are computer automated to adjust for any change in weather and the complete roof can retract in six minutes. This has solved multiple crop issues and guarantees at least ten acres of fruit is achieved each season.

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