George Street Development, Brisbane


DeveloperShayher Group

ContractorBrookfield Multiplex

Brookfield Multiplex were contracted to construct a commercial high-rise complex at 300 George Street in the Brisbane CBD. The project comprises of three towers; a hotel, office building and residential tower. Due to the exceptionally large volumes of reinforcing steel needed throughout the project, they required a capable supplier with expertise in prefabricated elements.

ARC have a strong relationship with Brookfield Multiplex in Brisbane and had proven ourselves on similar projects. We partnered closely with the builders, engineers and architects on the project to produce the custom-made prefabricated reinforcement needed and schedule the work to deliver huge quantities of steel to suit the timing of the project.

This project is one of Brisbane's largest integrated developments. With 428 luxury residential units, a 5-star hotel, a retail shopping mall and a large office tower, the project is expected to bring new business and vitality to the CBD.

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