Parliament Square, Hobart


DeveloperCitta Property Group

ContractorHansen Yuncken Pty Ltd

Parliament Square in Hobart Tasmania is a landmark site, which was redeveloped to include a new premium office building, boutique hotel and specialty food & beverage and retail outlets. Due to the architecture of the building rise in the project, Hansen Yuncken required custom-shaped columns to safety reinforcing the structure.

The engineering problems posed by this project using dramatic Y-shaped columns, which reach more than four storeys and allow the building to cantilever over a 130 year old sandstone retaining wall, support a multi-level office complex and form a centre piece for the building entry lobby.

ARC invited the steelfixers from Stephen Little Constrcutions to use our Hobart Facility and work alongside our scheduler and bar production team to prefabricate these “Y” columns. This meant there was no need to assemble these complex cages onsite and any issues that popped could be resolved quickly with the two teams working literally side by side .

With the construction well underway, the redevelopment at Parliament Square is expected to revitalise the culture, business and heritage of Hobart’s cityscape and connect the city centre with the vibrant waterfront.

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