West Gate Freeway Upgrade, Melbourne


Total Project Value$1.39 billion

Reinforcement Volume3,000 tonnes

DeveloperVictorian Government

ContractorWest Gate Freeway Alliance

The West Gate Freeway is one of Melbourne’s busiest arterial connections, carrying more than 160,000 vehicles every day. The upgrade was designed to increase the freeway’s capacity to manage huge volumes of peak hour traffic, improving traffic flow and safety and reducing travel times and traffic weaving. The project had some significant piling needs before the rest of contruction could begin.


ARC supplied a range of complex and custom-made precast cylindrical cages, which were prefabricated at our large facility in Sunshine and transported to site for bored piles and driven piles. We also delivered steel reinforcing to be cast into pile caps, upon which the columns were then constructed.


Our new products and methods team helped overcome a number of challenges posed by this project, using 3D CAD modelling to develop a groundbreaking prefabrication solution that allowed for quick incorporation of prefabricated products into the structure. This system ensured that the dimensions of the prefabricated units were extremely accurate and that clashes with stressing ducts and lifting points could be avoided.


The freeway intersects with other freeways to physically join the north, east and west of the city and runs through a cross section of residential, commercial, recreational and civic areas. Following the upgrade it now has the capacity to accommodate Melbourne’s peak hour traffic, getting everyone home quicker and safer.

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