The Australian Reinforcing Company (ARC) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of steel reinforcing in Australia.

The Australian Reinforcing Company (ARC) is the original supplier of steel reinforcement to the Australian construction industry. Supported by the largest branch network in Australia, ARC provides a localised service adapted to our communities, towns & cities. We are the preferred reinforcement supplier to the Australian Housing sector and we’ve been doing so for more than 100 years.

With a strong legacy in product & service Innovation, ARC continues to partner with our customers to identify cost and time efficiencies on their next job. Our expert team and comprehensive range ensure no matter what the project needs are, big or small, we’ll be there to provide the right support as a “one-stop” reinforcing shop.

Proudly Australian since 1920, all ARC steel products remain 100% Australian made with international quality assurance and compliance with Australian standards. We believe that the reliability of trusted partnerships reinforce the foundations of every successful project. 

ARC is now a member of the GFG Alliance. The GFG Alliance is an international grouping of businesses, founded by the British Gupta Family.  It combines some of the world's leading industrial, natural and financial resources that work together towards the delivery of a common industrial strategy.