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Prefabricated Cages

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Manual Bar Cages are typically used in pre-casting as well as columns and main beams in large structures. The main configurations for manual bar cages are 12mm bar to 40mm bar 2.4 metre*12 metre to ensure standard road transport width requirements are met. Configurations are usually rectangular and round with the main bars contained with a ligature. These configurations are determined early in the design stage, then confirmed during the scheduling phase of the project.

Manual Mesh Cages are typically used in the pre-casting production of pits, covers, kerbs and tunnels. The main configurations for manual mesh cages are produced utilising a 6000*2400 standard mesh sheet and cutting, folding and rolling the mesh to the desired shape. They are supplied as a finished unit (some special meshes may be produced to enable non-standard mesh applications).

Footing Cages are typically used in residential and commercial slab on ground construction. The main configurations for footing cages are 10mm bar to 16mm bar with rectangular and Z-shapes to suit beams and edge beams. They are supplied in 6 metre lengths and in quantities to complete slab in full as per your scheduled plans.

Talk to one of our experienced Account Managers about getting custom-made manual bar cages prefabricated for your project.