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Rectangular Reinforcing Mesh


Rectangular Reinforcing Mesh is used for reinforcing thin concrete elements such as floor slabs and walls where more strength is required in one direction than the other. This mesh is manufactured from L grade ribbed wires (D500L) that are welded together with different spacing in each direction to form rectangular apertures.

Our Australian certified Rectangular Reinforcing Mesh is available in a variety of diameters and spacing measurements. Rectangular mesh is commonly used in projects that require higher tensile stability to maximise concrete strength and minimise concrete cracking, such as pavements, flooring, precast panels and suspended flooring.

CodeCross wire mmLong wire mmMass/sheet kgQuantity in pack
RL7187.60 @ 2006.75 @ 1006820
RL8187.60 @ 2007.60 @ 1007920
RL9187.60 @ 2008.55 @ 1009320
RL10187.60 @ 2009.50 @ 10010915
RL11187.60 @ 20010.65 @ 10013115
RL12187.60 @ 20011.90 @ 10015710