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Knowing the LOKPOD™ difference

Click the animation below to see how you can build your next residential slab the smart way with LOKPOD™ - the innovative, fully integrated reo slab system that simplifies the slab building process and saves you time onsite.

The Smarter Slab

“UnLOK” the potential to build your next slab with greater speed & confidence with LOKPOD™. From getting all your slab reo requirements to site in one delivery to a quicker installation process, the LOKPOD™ system is the comprehensive, smarter slab solution.


Features of the LOKPOD™ System

Easy Handling


Reduce onsite downtime waiting for deliveries. LOKPOD™’s compact, stackable design means all your slab requirements arrive onsite in one delivery.

Integrated System


Ensure the correct amount of cover at all times, every time, and save time setting your slab accessories. With LOKPOD™’s inbuilt chairing system, you’re no longer reliant on traditional spacers and bar chairs.


Stay Grounded

LOKPOD™’s stackable design means your pods won’t fly away.


Reduce Glare

LOKPOD™’s matte finish let’s you build with confidence even in the brightest of Australian conditions.


Build for Durability

Embrace stability. LOKPOD™’s strong weightbearing tolerance means a secure surface underfoot.


One-to-One Substitution

No re-engineering required when you make the switch from traditional pods to LOKPOD™.

A Comprehensive Size Range


LOKPOD™ Pod Quadrant

Product Code Height
Stack Height
Stack Mass
LOKPOD300 300 1200 x 1200 6.9 990 149
LOKPOD225 225 1200 x 1200 6.2 1050 130
LOKPOD150* 150 1200 x 1200 4.0 890 80

*150mm launching soon


LOKPOD™ Extender

Product Code Height
Stack Height
Stack Mass
LOKPODEXT 208 450 x 300 1 1200 20
LOKPODEXT150* 208 450 x 300 1 1200 20

*150mm launching soon

Streamline your Pod Package Requirements

With its integrated design, traditional bar chairs and spacers are no longer required when you use the LOKPOD™ system.


Developed, Made and Owned by Australians


A One-to-One Innovation

Unlike other plastic pods, LOKPOD™ doesn’t require a separate engineer certification and meets all relevant Australian standards. With the same size range as industry alternatives, LOKPOD™ is a true one-to-one substitution that delivers an easy to use and more efficient installation.

62 (1)
Aussie Owned and Made

Proudly Australian made from 100% recycled plastic.

63 (1)
ACRS Compliant

Steel supplied with your LOKPOD™ Package is 100% Australian made and ACRS Certified.

64 (1)
Australian Standards

Manufactured to AS/NZS 2425:2015. Certified to AS 2870-2011 Section 3.4 (Waffle Rafts).

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