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Bright Weldmesh


Standard Bright Weldmesh® is made from plain steel wire making it a versatile and cost-effective material for a range of industrial applications.

Weldmesh is ready to be fabricated into whatever finished item you need, such as barriers, fences, infill panels, baskets, bins, guards, enclosures, screens, racks and many other options. Bright Weldmesh has a three year warranty. It can be galvanised or painted or it can be left uncoated if the appearance or rust is not an issue.

Easy to use, standard sized sheets are 3000mm x 2400mm with a range of aperture sizes and wire diameters to suit your needs.

(Not available in VIC/TAS)

Code Aperture mm Wire diameter mm
WB311 25 x 25 3.15
WB312 25 x 50 3.15
WB422 50 x 50 4.00
WB423 50 x 75 4.00
WB522 50 x 50 5.00
WB523 50 x 75 5.00
WB544 100 x 100 5.00
WB5A44 100 x 100 5.60