Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the industry, our smarter slab solution simplifies the process, ensuring quality and cost-effectiveness. Here, you'll find answers to common questions about LOKPOD's features, installation, benefits, and more, helping you make informed decisions for your projects.

Benefits and Specifications

01. What are the main benefits of LOKPOD? 

  • Made from 100% recycled plastic. 
  • Supports walking on them, including with reinforcing steel. 
  • Designed to withstand windy conditions. 
  • Stackable, reducing on-site footprint. 
  • Can be delivered with reinforcing steel, reducing traffic management. 
  • No packaging waste; leaves a clean site after use. 
  • Matte finish reduces glare, suitable for bright conditions in Australia. 
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to traditional pods. 

02. What sizes are offered? 

LOKPODs are available in three standard sizes: 300mm, 225mm, and 150mm heights, aligning with industry-standard EPS pod offerings. 


03. Can you walk over the LOKPODs? How much weight can they take? 

Yes, LOKPODs are robust enough to support walking and can bear up to 312kg load per individual center cone on turret. 


04. Do they use more concrete? 

Concrete usage is nearly identical to EPS pods. 


05. Do the hollow sides of the LOKPOD fill with concrete? 

The interlocking system prevents exposed hollow areas. LOKPOD extenders are used to close gaps at slab perimeters. 


06. What are the extenders used for?

  • Closing gaps at slab perimeters. 
  • Allowing passage for pipes within the slab. 
  • Adapting to irregular slab measurements. 
  • Connecting LOKPODs for pipe and beam penetrations. 
  • Connecting 150mm LOKPODs with 225/300 LOKPODs. 

07. Why are there only two types of extenders but three types of LOKPODs? 

LOKPOD 225/300 have the same cut-out, differing only in height, allowing the same extender for both. 

Installation and Engineering Considerations

08. Does it require additional engineering?

LOKPOD is a direct substitute for EPS Pod, meeting Australian Standards (AS 2870-2011) without needing additional engineering. 


 09. Is the installation of LOKPOD quicker than poly pods?

The interlocking system with built-in bar chairs and cradles makes installation quicker once familiarised with the process. 


Environmental Impact and Sustainability

10. Why did you develop an alternative? What is wrong with poly pods?

Polystyrene pods are not recyclable and can break easily, posing environmental risks. LOKPOD offers an eco-friendly alternative with additional performance capabilities. 


11. Does LOKPOD contribute to a Green Star rating? 

LOKPOD is GECA certified and should be well positioned when the GBCA’s Green Star Homes ratings tool includes products with recognised sustainability credentials that may contribute to a Green Star rating.    

Product Design and Technical Features

12. Can I break the LOKPOD?

Yes, LOKPODs can be broken with sufficient force, but they are designed to support walking and reinforcing steel without risk of falling through. 


13. Why is the shape as it is?

The shape of LOKPOD offers several benefits: 

  • The space between turrets is at a 40-degree angle, enhancing slab strength. 
  • Built-in 40mm bar chairs ensure uniform slab thickness and enhance mesh support as per Australian Standards. 
  • Inbuilt cradles for reinforcing bar also adhere to Australian standards, improving slab strength.


14. What is the benefit of the diagonal on top of the LOKPOD?

The diagonal enhances LOKPOD shell stiffness and aids in keying with the concrete slab. 


15. What is the use of the strip, including the holes on the top of the LOKPOD?

The strip on top of LOKPOD serves to increase shell stiffness and aids in keying with the concrete slab. 


16. What is the use of the funnel on the bottom of the LOKPOD?

The funnel under LOKPOD enhances weight-bearing capacity: 

  • Supports safe walking and reinforcing steel placement. 
  • Maintains consistent concrete position, strengthening the slab. 


17. Can LOKPODS be used for suspended slabs?

No, the LOKPOD offering is purely meant for slab on ground. To use it as a suspended slab additional works is required. Therefore, we would not recommend it. 


18. Which soils are appropriate for LOKPOD?

LOKPOD can be used in H and M class soils. 


19. Do you offer a drop edge beam solution?

Small drop edges can be covered with the use of existing extenders , a full drop edge system to suit all depths is being trialed currently . 


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