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LOKPOD™ Slab Solution

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Build your next residential slab the smart way with LOKPOD™, the innovative, fully integrated reo slab system that simplifies the slab building process and saves you time on site.

LOKPOD™ is a patented void forming system for concrete slab fondations made from 100% recycled plastic.

No re-engineering required when you make the switch from traditional pods to LOKPOD™.

Each Pod represents a quadrant that stacks neatly in bundles for ease of transportation and mobility on site.

LOKPOD™‘s unique in-built chairing system, eliminates the need for auxilary spacers and bar chairs.

Unlike other plastic pods, LOKPOD™ doesn’t require a separate engineer certification and meets all relevant Australian standards. With the same size range as industry alternatives, LOKPOD™ is a true one-to-one substitution that delivers a ease of use and a more efficient installation.