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Introducing a major breakthrough from the people who brought you the original MINEMESH®. High-tensile SENTINEL® Coal MINEMESH® harnesses groundbreaking steel technology backed by 25 years of experience in strata control and ground support mesh solutions.

Manufactured from quality Australian steel, this new technology is exclusive to SENTINEL® Coal. The product is manufactured using a proprietary high-tensile process, patented worldwide.

What’s the difference?
With wire strength that is 50% greater, allowing a mass reduction of 25 – 30 %, SENTINEL® Coal offers
equivalent performance and strength to standard MINEMESH® with significantly reduced mass.

SENTINEL® Coal is Australian made and has key benefits compared with standard MINEMESH®
Smaller wire diameter allowing more sheets per pack, more sheets per truck and more sheets per pod.

Better productivity through:

  • Fewer product movements both above and below ground, with a 25% reduction in transport cycles
  • 25% fewer truck movements for delivery of mesh
  • More sheets per load of mesh to the mine face, resulting in a faster development rate and reduced delays
  • Reduced storage space above and below ground
  • Improved ergonomics, as a direct result of being 25 – 30 % lighter

Environmental sustainability – SENTINEL® Coal delivers up to 25% reduction in carbon emissions in the manufacturing process.

Grade Wire Diameter Sheet
Double Wire Strap Mesh Length (m) Width (m)
Light L 4 4 4 – 5.5 0.6 -2
Medium M 4.75
Heavy H 5.6